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Previcur® Fungicide Label and SDS | Crop Science- insecticide de termiticide fantôme msds ,Belt 480 SC Insecticide; Bulldock 25 EC Insecticide; Calypso 480SC Insecticide; Confidor 200 SC Insecticide; Confidor Guard Soil Insecticide; Decis Options Insecticide; Larvin 375 Insecticide; Mesurol Snail and Slug Bait; Movento 240 SC Insecticide; Movento Energy Insecticide; Sivanto Prime 200 SL Insecticide; Vayego 200 SC Insecticide; Vayego ...Safety Data Sheet CY-KICK CS - American PestRecommended use: insecticide NFPA Hazard codes: Health : 0 Fire: 1 Reactivity: 1 Special: We support worldwide Responsible Care® initiatives. We value the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and neighbors, and the protection of the environment. Our commitment to Responsible

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Advion WDG Insecticide EPA 100 1501 Label Advion WDG Insecticide EPA 100 1501 SDS ... Altriset Termiticide EPA 100 1503 SDS Aprehend EPA 89186 1 Label Aprehend EPA 89186 1 SDS Aquabac (200G) EPA 62637 3 SDS ... De-Mize Soft Bait EPA 93062 2 95150 Label

Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait Product | ES US

Nutrient-balanced granule formulation, rich in proteins; Broad-spectrum control, including ants, crickets & cockroaches* Can be applied as a crack-and-crevice treatment, mound treatment, around the perimeter of structures or broadcast outdoors


MANUFACTURER. FMC CORPORATION Agricultural Products Group 1735 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19103 USA General Information: 800-321-1362 Emergency Telephone Numbers:

Bifen I/T | Control Solutions Inc.

Product Type: Professional Use Sites: homes, commercial and industrial buildings, recreational areas, athletic fields, lawns and ornamentals, livestock and poultry ...

Termidor SC Termiticide | Solutions Pest & Lawn

Because Termidor is a non-repellent insecticide, termites, ants, and other labelled insects will unknowingly come into contact with the insecticide and spread it to their nest mates through contact or food sharing, resulting in colony elimination. Termidor is also used to control other common pests, such as cockroaches, spiders, ticks, and more.

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Material Safety Data Sheet DuPont ™ Altriset ™ Termiticide Version 2.3 Revision Date 02/29/2012 Ref. 130000036931 2 / 9 None of the components present in this material at concentrations equal to or greater than 0.1% are listed by

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Material Safety Data Sheet DuPont Altriset Termiticide Version 2 .0 Revision Date 05/04/2010 Ref. 130000036931 8 / 9 SECTION 15. REGULATORY INFORMATION SARA 313 Regulated Chemical(s) : SARA 313: This material does not contain any chemic al components with known CAS numbers that exceed the threshold (de min imis) reporting levels

Nealta® miticide - BASF

How Nealta ® Miticide Works With its unique site of action, Nealta miticide is an excellent resistance management tool against spider mites on a variety of crops, including pome fruit, strawberries, grapes, almonds and other tree nuts, citrus and tomatoes.

U.S. EPA, Pesticide Product Label, PREMISE 75 INSECTICIDE ...

Oct 20, 2005·MtXING TABLE FOR PREMISE 75 INSECTICIDE GALLONS OF FINISHED NUMBER OF PREMtSE 75 PACKETS NEEOED SOLUTION DESIREO 0.05% Concentrate 0.1% Concentrate 25 1 2 50 2 4 100 4 8 MtXING: Reier to Mixing Table lor proper amount 01 PREMISE 75 Insecticide to be used.

Terminade - PCT International

PCT’s TERMINADE residual termiticide gives you excellent value in a 100g/LFipronil termite control product. Label application rates can be used for: Pre/ Post Construction barriers


For Use as a Termiticide: May only be used by individuals/firms licensed by the State to apply termiticide products. States may have more restrictive requirements regarding qualifications of persons using this product. Consult the pest control regulatory agency of your State prior to use of this product. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: % BY WT.


material safety data sheet cyper tc insecticide 1 of 4 53883-92 revised: 10-02-02 section i - identification of product manufacturer's name: control solutions, inc 5903 genoa-red bluff pasadena, tx 77507-1041 product name: cyper tc insecticide epa registration no. 53883-92 epa est. no. 53883-tx-002


ALTRISET™ termiticide is a suspension concentrate Contains 200 grams of active ingredient per liter or 1.67 pounds of active ingredient per gallon. *Chlorantraniliprole is an anthranilic diamide insecticide. EPA Reg. No. 352-829 EPA Est. No. _____ Nonrefillable Container Net Contents:_____ E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

Storcide II Stored Grain Product | Environmental ...

Stored Grain Insect Protection Protect your grain against costly damage Storcide® II* is a liquid stored grain protectant that is applied directly to grain to help stop …

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the state to apply termiticide and/or general pest control products. DO NOT use this product for lermite or other pest con(rol indoors, except for labe17 control and foam applications to wall voids for control of other listed pests DO NOT use on golf course turf, May be …


RESIDUAL TERMITICIDE AND INSECTICIDE ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 100 g/L FIPRONIL For the protection of structures from subterranean termite damage and for the control of subterranean termites and ants around domestic and commercial structures as specified in the Directions for Use Table. TO BE USED BY LICENSED PEST CONTROL OPERATORS ONLY

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Termidor Residual Termiticide and Insecticide LABEL: Termidor Residual Termiticide and Insecticide SDS: Ultraforce Termite Foam SDS: Ultrathor SDS: VectoBac WG LABEL: Vectobac WG SDS: Wasp Freeze Insecticide SDS: Wasp Freeze LABEL: WaspJet Pro LABEL: WaspJet Pro SDS: Yates Blitzem Snail And Slug Pellets SDS: Zoono Z71 Microbe Shield: Share this ...

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Search CDMS US product database by brand, common name, product type, crop, pest, state, manufacturer. Results include use rates by crop, labeled pests, RUP, Mode of Action & organic status

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Safety Data Sheets. All of the information about the products we use during our services can be found here. Safety Data Sheets and Product Labels are available for your convenience.

DuPont(TM) Altriset(R) termiticide

DuPont(TM) Altriset(R) termiticide Version 0.0 Revision Date 25.08.2011 Ref. 130000036930 1/7 This SDS adheres to the standards and regulatory requirements of Australia and may not meet the regulatory requirements in other countries. 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/MIXTURE AND OF THE COMPANY/UNDERTAKING . Product information


MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET A18192/01/AUS DETER INSECTICIDE SECTION 1 – IDENTIFICATION, CONTACTS, HAZARDOUS NATURE Australia Ltd 875 Pacific Highway Pymble NSW 2073 Emergency Telephone Number 1800 033 111 24 hour Emergency Service Australia Wide, Toll Free Contact Point (for non-emergency calls) Animal Health Division Telephone Number ...


Recommended use*: insecticide * The “Recommended use” identified for this product is provided solely to comply with a Federal requirement and is not part of the seller's published specification.


Gladiator ® insecticide/miticide is uniquely formulated to control leafminers, mites, psyllids and other yield-robbing pests on a number of crops including apples, citrus, pears, stone fruits and vegetables. Quick Facts. Delivers excellent control of psyllids, leafminers and mites.

Bifen I/T | Control Solutions Inc.

Product Type: Professional Use Sites: homes, commercial and industrial buildings, recreational areas, athletic fields, lawns and ornamentals, livestock and poultry ...